Xinshijie top presbyopia correction technique helps elderly man regain clear vision

On November 24th, Shanghai Xinshijie Zhongxing Eye Hospital performed right eye individual refractive IOL implantation for 62-year-old man Jianxin Mei, and he was very excited about the satisfactory postoperative effect. Jianxin Mei lived in Hongkou District and his legs were injured during work in the year of 1980. With reduced mobility, the old man began to suffer from presbyopia several years ago and his life got badly influenced, it became much more inconvenient for him to read books, newspapers or watch television. Wanted to see the world clearly again, the old man came to our hospital for surgical treatment with his family, and the surgery went quite successful. Jianxin Mei said: “The hospital has very good skills and thoughtful services, thank you for bring me a clear world.”