Xinshijie Zhongxing Eye Hospital’s first new V4c type ICL implantation successfully accomplished

On January 22th 2015, Mr. Yin from Zhenjiang, Jiangsu successfully received V4c ICL implantation in our hospital. Mr. Yin had high myopia with right eye 1800 degrees and left eye 1625 degrees. Considering the high intraocular pressure and degrees, Chief Yuan You thought Mr. Yin’s situation was not suitable for laser surgery, and suggested him receive new V4c type ICL implantation.

Chief Yuan You said: “V4c is the latest type of ICL which is also named central-hole type ICL. A major breakthrough is it’s designed to have 3 holes in central part of the lens which make surgery get rid of the procedure of 'iris laser drilling'. This simplifies operating procedure and shortens operation time, and the biggest advantage is: it’s no more necessary on perform iris laser drilling (the most complex and trivial step of ordinary ICL implantation) and closer to natural physiology.”

It is understood that Mr. Yin recovered well after surgery with visual acuity of right eye 0.8 , left eye 1.0. This marked the successful accomplishment of the first V4c type ICL implantation of our hospital.