Caring about phubbers’ eye health, Xinshijie ophthalmic medical team steps into Shanghai Bosch

On July 16th, being invited by Shanghai Bosch Group, Xinshijie ophthalmic medical team leading by Chief Zhang Xiaolin stepped into Shanghai Bosch Group to exam the staff’s eye health.

The PE projects included computer optometry, vision test and corneal examination, and Chief Zhang Xiaolin answered eye health questions of the staff. Besides, Chief Zhang gave them a lecture on “VDT Syndrome” to popularize eye care knowledge according to the white-collar worker’s habits. She pointed out that the population of “phubbers” has becoming larger and larger with the popularization of mobile phone, computer and other digital products, more and more people are suffering from asthenopia, eye dryness and decreased visual acuity, this is one of the adverse consequences of Visual Display Terminal Syndrome.

The census activity was warmly welcomed, and a total of more than 100 staffs received eye examination during just a few hours.