Normalize “Bring warmth to Chongming Three Islands” service and send doctors there with regular “Bright Buses” everyday

On the morning of January 10th 2015, professors of volunteer group of Shanghai Xinshijie Eye hospital went deep into Chongming Three Islands and provided “vision test, blood pressure and blood glucose measurement, slit-lamp cataract examination” and other free medical services for poor local elderly people. The service was highly praised by local residents, and more than 200 elderly people received cataract examination on that day.

Professor volunteer Shaofeng Liu said: “Chongming is far away from downtown, it’s inconvenient for the elderly people to go across the bridge and see doctors, thus when they’re suffering from diseases, many of them choose to endure and delay.” On the opening ceremony of “Bring warmth to Chongming Three Islands”, Shanghai Xinshijie Eye hospital representative promised to donate “Bright Buses” free cataract removal project to Chongming elderly. In October last year, Shanghai Senior Citizens Foundation and Xinshijie Eye hospital together set up regular “Bright Buses” to carry out public eye disease screening and provide shuttle service for patients which need surgeries, in order to normalize “Bring warmth to Chongming Three Islands” activity, send warmth of the party and government into the hearts of the elderly. Since last year, more than 30 thousand people have been screened in “Bring warmth to Chongming Three Islands” and “Bright Buses” services.