Xinshijie and German Zeiss talk about strategic cooperation

On July 8th 2015, China chief executive of German Zeiss, Mr. Foerst et al walked into Shanghai Xinshijie Eye Hospital and talked about the strategic cooperation of two sides friendly. The entourage included vice president of Zeiss Global Medical Department Mr. Dirk, Director of Zeiss Asia-Pacific Refraction Development Department Mr. Jairo, product director of Asia-Pacific Refraction Development Department Mr. Tarak, and manager of Chinese Medical Refraction Business Unit Mr. Li Ning.

Carl Zeiss Group, founded in 1846, is a world famous high-tech optical products company. Full femtosecond laser technology of myopia treatment was exclusive developed by the company, it has been the most advanced diagnostic and therapeutic technique for myopia, and has launched a smile era of safest myopia treatment. On the 125th anniversary of Carl Zeiss Foundation last year, German Chancellor Angela Merkel came to the ceremony and said: “Zeiss is famous for the top technique of ‘Made in Germany’, and has become a flagship of German enterprises.”

Being a famous ophthalmology chain group in the country, Xinshijie and Carl Zeiss have cooperated for a long time. Since Shanghai Xinshijie Eye Hospital introduced the first full femtosecond system on May 25th 2013, we have performed ten thousand full femtosecond surgeries by April 27th 2015. This number is at the forefront of the nation. Later, Xinshijie Group introduced another four full femtosecond system in Shanghai Xinshijie Zhongxing Eye Hospital, Jiangxi, Zhengzhou, Chongqing and other places, which built a new platform of high-end myopia surgery.