Treatment Process

Registration Process:

1. Make an appointment to see a specialist through calling 400-021-6666 or online booking.

2. Register and apply for medical treatment card at guidance station in the hall, and show your appointment message to the staff when registering.

Kind Reminder:

1. Go through admission procedure at Admission Office on the first floor.

2. Handling time: 9:00~17:00, Monday to Sunday

3. The ward is a public place, please do not bring valuables and cash; it is strictly prohibited to carry inflammable and explosive dangerous goods into the ward.

4. Patients can bring toiletries by themselves or buy in the hospital.

5. If you have diagnostic information of clinic examination and treatment in other hospitals, bring them for doctor reference.


1. Please prepare related materials for settlement, including discharge certificate and all payment receipts.

2. Please check and make up the cost of hospitalization in time for smooth settlement, especially before leaving hospital.

3. Settlement time: 9:30-16:00

Special notes for patients with medical insurance:

1. Patients with local medical insurance please bring ID card and medical insurance card for hospitalization and discharge expense settlement.

2. For foreign patients, please go through admission according to ordinary patients, and go to local medical insurance center for reimbursement procedures after discharge.

3. For diseases not reimbursed by medical insurance provisions, patients pay all the expenses.